The Life Essentials Study Bible

Bible Principles trio BackgroundMost Study Bibles are designed to help us understand various verses and paragraphs within the biblical text. And most do that—in a magnificent way. They are excellent research tools, most often using footnotes and sidebars to explain particular texts.
However, the goal has been quite different for this study Bible. This design gives every reader, not only a conceptual understanding of all chapters of the total biblical story, but enables everyone to apply enduring biblical truths in a multitude of life situations.

After seven years of writing, editing and video production, the landmark, first-ever multi-media Study Bible, the Life Essentials Study Bible, was published. The LE Bible, with more than 500,000 words of commentary by Gene Getz, is designed around the insertion of 1,500 supracultural principles in the biblical text, each with its own QR code. The codes are based on technology that enables readers of the LE Bible to use smartphones, tablets, and computers to access video recordings of Gene teaching the principles to a live audience. The videos average about ten minutes in length with a total of over 250 hours of teaching available throughout the Bible.

Dr. Gene Getz hasGene Getz Bible Principles authored and co-authored more than 60 books that have been published in approximately 40 different languages and has published the first ever multi-media Study Bible. He’s the founder of the worldwide Fellowship Bible Church movement; the host of a syndicated radio program, which airs around the world on hundreds of stations; a professor, preacher, teacher, and public speaker.

Prior to receiving his Ph.D. in 1968 from New York University, Dr. Getz graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1952 and then earned his B.A. from Rocky Mountain College in 1954. He went on to complete his M.A. at Wheaton Graduate School, Class of 1958. In addition, Dr. Getz was awarded an Honorary Doctorate (1999) by the Institut Theologique de Nimes, Uchaud, France. More recently, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate (2012) by Moody Bible Institute for his successful completion of the revolutionary Life Essentials Study Bible.