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    Reciprocal Generosity

     I remember a time when as a pastor, my wife and I faced a very serious crisis. We were both discouraged. But unknown to us, a couple in the church had planned a surprise dinner for us inMulticolored Charity Concept Desk with Notes one of the finest restaurants in Dallas. When we walked in, we were escorted to a large banquet room where nearly 100 guests stood and greeted us with a rousing applause. And, to add to the surprise, they had invited our children—two who came home from college. Needless to say, this was a wonderful experience! It lifted our spirits, strengthened our faith and helped restore confidence in ourselves as well as in people.
    Recently I texted my friends and thanked them again for that event and what it continues to mean to my whole family—even though it happened years ago. In addition, I thanked them for their faithful generosity to our ministry over the years. To quote myself, I said—“I will always appreciate and be thankful for what the two of you have done in supporting our ministry over the years and we’ll never forget that special event as long as we live.”

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