Everything Changes Except…

EVerythingChangesExcept_FeatureTruly, we live in a world of constant and rapid change.  Every 24-hour cycle we hear “breaking news” stories designed to help us stay informed. And the advent of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is speeding up the process.


I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a positive view of changes that conform to my interests and values. However, I’m disheartened by changes that contradict those great truths that have made our nation great—biblical values. But whether positive or negative, change often causes stress, doubts, and anxiety in our lives.   (Continue reading…)

What Makes this Bible Unique?

  • 1,500 Bible Principles from Genesis to Revelation embedded in the biblical text featuring an enduring truth in each passage of scripture.
  • “Reflection and Response” questions at the end all Bible Principles to help you immediately personalize the teachings.
  • Over 250 hours of access to practical video and audio presentations of 1,500 Bible Principles to Live by from Dr. Gene Getz.
  • Apps available for your iPhone , Android  or Windows  phones and tablets.
  • Daily two minute audio broadcast of Bible Principles.

Life Essentials Study Bible

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