The Blessing of a Long Life

In his book, Future Shock (1970), Alvin Toffler described some of the psychological challenges in trying to adjust to the rapid pace of change in our society. Most of us can relate to the impact on people’s lives simply from our Smartphones. Older technology such as typewriters, maps, encyclopedias, fax machines, adding machines, cameras, alarm clocks, cassette tapes, VCR’s, CD’s, remote control units, stereos, photo albums, hardcover and paperback books, and even flashlights, are nearly obsolete!
How should this rapid change impact those of us who are older? In reality, it’s a unique opportunity. Age brings wisdom we can pass on to the younger generation. Rather than being threatened by these changes, we can model adjustments that are in harmony with the never changing values in Scripture.


For me personally, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to prepare the first ever multi-media Study Bible. This has become possible because of QR code technology and YouTube. Think about it! This technology makes it possible for people anywhere in the world who have an Internet connection to download these videos. I’m deeply indebted for this technology and also humbled!


But this also gives me an opportunity to tap into the younger generation. This is the way they learn. Using Smartphones, iPads, and computers to connect to content using QR code technology is as much a part of their lives as when we learned to turn on the radio.


From my experience with the younger generation, including my own children and grandchildren, I know that it’s more difficult for them to compare one generation with another. Having lived fewer years, their perspectives are shorter and narrower. Consequently, they have fewer points of reference from which to draw meaningful conclusions. That’s why it’s so important for those of us who are older to develop relationships with the younger generation—which definitely includes being aware of their technology and the way they learn.


What Makes this Bible Unique?

  • 1,500 Bible Principles from Genesis to Revelation embedded in the biblical text featuring an enduring truth in each passage of scripture.
  • “Reflection and Response” questions at the end all Bible Principles to help you immediately personalize the teachings.
  • Over 250 hours of access to practical video and audio presentations of 1,500 Bible Principles to Live by from Dr. Gene Getz.
  • Apps available for your iPhone , Android  or Windows  phones and tablets.
  • Daily two minute audio broadcast of Bible Principles.

Life Essentials Study Bible

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