Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible


Most Study Bibles are designed to help us understand various verses and paragraphs within the biblical text. And most do that—in a magnificent way. They are excellent research tools, most often using footnotes and sidebars to explain particular texts. In fact, I used a number of these Study Bibles in preparing this “Principles to Live By” Study Bible. However, my goal has been quite different. I wanted to design a Study Bible that gives every reader, not only a conceptual understanding of all chapters of the total biblical story, but to enable everyone to apply enduring biblical truths in a multitude of life situations.


To enable you to use this Bible in a variety of ways, I’ve included a very unique feature called the “Principle Finder” at the very beginning of the Bible. It’s a topical index that will enable you to quickly locate all of the Principles that relate to a particular subject. Once I completed the basic research and writing, I categorized all 1500 Principles under 241 major themes or topics which are arranged alphabetically.


For example, here are just a few of the topics from the “A” section:

  • Abortion
  • Accountability
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety

If you move to the “D” section, you’ll find the topic of Depression. The following Principles are listed chronologically  as they appear in the biblical story

  • Exhaustion—Principle 28 in 1 Kings
  • Physical Needs—Principle 29 in 1 Kings
  • Mental Distortions—Principle 30 in 1 Kings
  • Deliverance From—Principle 6 in Psalms
  • Physical Causes—Principle 41 in Psalms
  • A Distorted Reality—Principle 84 in Psalms
  • Distorted Thinking—Principle 23 in Jeremiah.

Again, all 1,500 principles are categorized and cross-referenced under 241 topics in this “Principle Finder.”At this point, I hope you can begin to imagine the various settings in which this Bible can be used. For example: