ntgd-2016-artThank you to everyone who participated in North Texas Giving Day. We received 42 gifts that totaled 16,925! This is before the bonus amounts which will be announced soon.

North Texas Giving day raised over 37 million for hundreds of non-profits in just one day.

Thank you for your generosity to the CCR.

On Thursday, together with hundreds of other non-profit organizations – the Center for Church Renewal participated in North Texas Giving Day!

This event – the largest of its kind – makes it convenient for both old and new supporters of our ministry to invest in our efforts to build God’s Kingdom through the distribution of the Life Essentials Study Bible and numerous biblically-focused resources.

Here is a direct link to our page.
The North Texas Giving Day secure website makes it possible for anyone to contribute to our ministry.  As a participant in this event, the Center of Church Renewal is also eligible to receive additional financial gifts and awards from sponsors of the event including numerous foundations.

Please continue praying for our ministry, and thank you again for your generosity!

Life Essentials Study Bible

What Makes this Bible Unique?

√ 1,500 Bible Principles from Genesis to Revelation embedded in the biblical text featuring an enduring truth in each passage of scripture.
√  “Reflection and Response” questions at the end all Bible Principles to help you immediately personalize the teachings.
 √  Over 250 hours of access to practical video and audio presentations of 1,500 Bible Principles to Live by from Dr. Gene Getz.
√  Apps available for  iPhone , Android  or Windows  phones and tablets!
√ Daily two minute audio broadcast of Bible Principles.

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