Multiplying God’s Word

One of our greatest opportunities as Christ-followers is to communicate His redemptive message throughout the world.


We would love to share with you how you can join us in this eternal endeavor, utilizing the first ever Multimedia Study Bible authored by Dr. Gene Getz.


You’re invited to come to a special event on October 27th where you will hear exciting stories on how God is opening doors literally around the world. You will also enjoy a great dinner, great music – and you’ll have an opportunity to participate in “Multiplying God’s Word.”


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Our Desire to Help

One of the most challenging tasks for me has always been to discipline my children or to confront a fellow believer about sinful behavior. However, I’ve attempted to carry out this responsibility because it’s a reflection of God’s love and what He does for all of us.


The author of Hebrews has written: “Endure suffering as discipline: God is dealing with you as sons. For what son is there that a father does not discipline?” (Hebrews 12:7).


There are two Greek words that distinguish punishment from discipline. As William Barkley points out, timoria is “retributive punishment.” However, kolasis—the word used in this Hebrew passage—always means “to amend and to cure.”

When we are disciplined by God as His children, His purpose is to help, to restore, to renew, and heal. Clearly, this should also be our motivation when we are called upon to discipline our children or to confront an erring brother or a sister in Christ. And, the basis for this motivation is God’s love which He always demonstrates when He disciplines us.

From a human perspective, we call this tough love! I remember situations where I’ve tried to confront a fellow believer who is living in sin. On occasions, I’ve begun the conversation by saying—“I’d rather be a thousand miles from here than here with you at this moment. But because I love you, I’m here to talk with you about your attitudes and actions—even if you reject me and what I say.”


As I recall, very few individuals have walked away angry—even when they chose not to change their behavior. Hopefully they sensed God’s love in my interaction with them! After all, only God can change a person’s heart!

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