The Prophetic Dimension of
Principles to Live By

Most of you are aware that the “Principles to Live By” in the Life Essentials Study Bible are supracultural. In other words, they are valid regardless of time, culture or location. Consequently, they also have a prophetic dimension.


One of the best illustrations of this reality is Principle #25 in Numbers:


We must avoid our human tendency to turn criminals into victims.


I follow this principle with a brief commentary that gives its historical context:


Thousands in Israel blamed Moses and Aaron for God’s judgment on those men and their families who conspired against the Lord Himself (Numbers 16:41).  Since Korah, Dathan, and Abiram had clearly violated the law of God and deserved the judgment they received, the people in essence were angry at Moses and Aaron for enforcing the law. They were sympathizing with the criminals by making them victims rather than perpetrators.


Since this behavior of these ancient Israelites is a “human tendency,” we should expect it to be predictive of behavior in our current culture. For example, we shouldn’t be surprised when many modern news outlets depict those guilty of breaking the law as victims while accusing those engaged in enforcing the law of being perpetrators of evil.


I believe one of the reasons God continues to open new doors for our ministry is that this prophetic dimension exists in all 1500 principles.  In other words, the principles are as relevant today as they were in their original historical setting. Consequently, they can influence spiritual growth and transformation anywhere in the world today. And because the Word of God endures forever, they are applicable in the age to come.


Pray with us as we continue to make the Life Essentials Study Bible and these “Principles to Live By” available literally around the world. As I pen these words, two hundred Bibles are being given to pastors in the Philippines, most of whom are ministering in rural areas and have had little, if any, formal training. Not only are they receiving these Bibles as a gift, but they are being trained in using my Study Bible for personal study and sermon preparation.



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