Always Giving Thanks

From the Life Essentials Study Bible
Psalm Principle 141

When we worship God we should thank Him for His faithful promises.

Psalm 138 begins a series of eight David psalms of praise and worship. In this psalm, David may have been reflecting on God’s promise that his “throne [would] be established forever” (2Sm 7:16).


Prophetically, David understood—in part at least—that “every knee will bow” before Jesus Christ including “all the kings on earth” (Php 2:10-11; Ps 138:4). In this psalm, David thanked God for His promises and affirmed God’s purpose for his life (v. 8).


The Scriptures are filled with God’s promises, but none is more reassuring than the words, “I will never leave your or forsake you” (Heb 13:5). We can claim this promise now and forever. We must never fail to thank and praise God for our eternal inheritance.


Reflection and Response
In what creative ways can we use Paul’s reassuring words in Romans 8:31-39 to worship and thank God for His promises?


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