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Many years ago Dr. Howard Hendricks invited me to join him as an associate professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. This experience opened the door to explore with my students indepth what God wants the church to be! Consequently, I eventually became a church planting pastor.
A number of years later, my wife and I invited Professor Hendricks and his wife, Jean, to have dinner with us! My sole purpose was just to say thank you for giving me the opportunity and freedom to lead my students on a great adventure–taking a fresh look at God’s plan for the church. It changed my life!


However, you’ll be amazed at what happened! That meeting gave me an opportunity to encourage my professor friend in a way I had not planned. There’s more to that story–which I shared recently while doing one of my Life Essentials Study Bible videos. Please check out what I shared below! You’ll be surprised–and I’m sure you’ll be encouraged to be an encourager!


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