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Life Essentials Study Bible
Principles to Live By – Project Help Needed

Hi everyone,

Please consider volunteering for this project, or pass along to anyone you think may be interested.


Listen to a “Principles to Live By” video on YouTube and type what is said into an electronic file.

Each Principle is usually 10-15 minutes of Gene Getz’s teaching.

We need LOTS of help since there are 1500 “Principles to Live By” videos.

These electronic files will be the basis for translating the videos into other languages and will also show up in English with closed captioning (click “CC” on the video).



You need your own computer or tablet to listen to a principle on YouTube, and be able to type whatever Gene Getz says into a word processor like Word.

No formatting is required.

The speed of Gene talking can be slowed down as you type. So being fast is great, but not required.

You do not need great English or grammar skills.

FYI—this will probably be slow to start with, but depending on your typing speed, each principle can be done in 1½ to 5 hours each.



Volunteer from home.

Help to get these teaching videos into different languages around the world–even to the most remote areas.

(These videos, in English for now, have already been put on a flash drive for distribution to areas with no Wi-Fi or cell phone service.)

You can volunteer as much or as little as you want. Work at your own pace.

We estimate that this project will take 6000 hours, so we need lots of volunteers!

We would like to get as much done in 2018 as possible.

You do not need to live locally—we send files by email.


Choose which book of the Bible you want to work on.

Added benefit: you will be surprised how much you will learn by listening to Gene Getz’s teachings from Genesis to Revelation!


Here’s an example video of one that has already been completed: Genesis #34, Praying in God’s Will.

(click on the “CC” in the bottom right corner to turn on the closed captioning).

Please contact me using the form below if you are interested or want more info:

Sharon Friesen

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