Elders and Leaders


Elders and Leaders, God’s Plan for Leading the Church is a biblical, historical and cultural examination of church government.   The book’s conclusions are drawn from a scholarly examination of every verse in the Bible pertaining to church government. Elders and Leaders is a proven, valuable resource especially designed to serve the needs of church leaders across denominational lines.

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As the Founder of a worldwide church movement and with more than forty years hands-on experience as a successful Senior Pastor, Dr. Gene Getz knows what can happen when churches deviate from the biblical model of church governance. His book, Elders and Leaders, is the product of extensive research that includes the examination of every verse in the Bible that pertains to church organization and government. Furthermore, in his “family model” Dr. Getz makes a valuable and clear distinction between forms of church government that are legitimately subject to changing cultural norms, and the functions of church government that are never-changing.

There is perhaps no other book available that offers more valuable insight into such a vital subject. As Stephen F. Olford and David L. Olford of the Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching put it, “Whatever your denominational orientation might happen to be, this book is a ‘must read.’ Our dear friend, teacher, leader, and scholar, Gene Getz, has given us his Magnum Opus!”