Joshua, Living as a Consistent Role Model


Joshua, Living as a Consistent Role Model, by Dr. Gene Getz, shows how faith is still the ultimate weapon, regardless of the battlefield. In a world that appears to be largely confused about the nature of strong leadership, the story of Joshua is a clear and vivid depiction of what strong leadership looks like. Though Joshua faced real flesh and blood battles, he shows how men today can put on the “whole armor of God” to defeat the powers of darkness whether in the conference room or the factory floor.

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The Men of Character series of books provides an in-depth look at the lives of key Bible personalities. Author of the collection, Dr. Gene Getz, highlights the lives of men in the Bible and demonstrates that we can still learn from their relationships—both with God and man. His detailed and colorful descriptions of individuals, culture and events help bring to life the stories of the Bible so that readers can better understand how what happened many years ago relates to our lives today.

While many books offer little more than entertainment value and interesting information, the Men of Character collection is transformational. In this collection are many important lessons that have the power to change people’s lives, and by concluding each book with “principles to live by,” readers are able to apply the lessons immediately. Whether you read only one book in this collection, or all twelve, you will be blessed!