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The videos in the Life Essentials Study Bible are available via the Internet. However, some people either don’t have fast access to the Internet (if at all) or do not want to use all their monthly data. The good news is by using high capacity USB thumb drives, we can now make the videos and audios available to everyone. These drives work on PC and Macs plus the wireless version also works with all Smart phones and Tablets!


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All 1500 Life Essentials videos on a thumbdrive!

USB and wireless drives include all 1500 Life Essentials Study Bible videos. As a bonus, the drives also include an 18 minute, in-depth instructional video for the use of the bible together with explanations of its key features and design.


Drives are also available in audio-only format.


Driver specifications and requirements:

Standard USB drive: 256 gigabytes (for all computers)

Wireless WIFI drive: 200 gigabytes (for use on mobile devices and computers)

Audio-only drive: 32 gigabytes (for all computers)[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]LE Bible in Blue


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