This year, I Resolve to…

  Did you know that the practice of New Year’s resolutions had its origin in religion?  Ancient Babylonians and Romans made promises to their gods. This was also part of Judaism’s autumn festivals and the Christian observance of Lent.   Many of us are determined to take action to improve our physical condition. In my own case, I stayed fit … Read More

The Wonder of Christ’s Birth

Most Christians understand that the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown. In his book about Jesus, Bill O’Reilly speculates that Jesus was probably born sometime during the spring season. However, the Bible itself plus Jewish history gives us enough clues that Bill is wrong.  Allow me to share a little Bible history that might be new to you. Here … Read More

Love and Submission

Pinky Swear Wedding Rings

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″] By Gene A. Getz      I used to do a weekly radio program called “Let’s Talk!” Anyone could call in and “visit the pastor’s study.” One day a distraught young man called me because his wife had just left him. I asked him why? I’ll never forget his response. His wife felt he was too controlling and … Read More