The Power of Bondage

In John 5:6 Jesus asked a man who had been an invalid for 38 years if he wanted to be healed. Some people might find His question difficult to understand. It seems logical that the invalid would want to be healed. However, in asking the question, Jesus demonstrated His understanding of human nature. He understood that some people actually find … Read More

Romans 8:28 In Action

About three years ago, Lauren Scruggs, a beautiful young lady—an aspiring model—accidentally walked into the propeller of an airplane. Her devastating injuries resulted in the loss of her left eye and arm. I can only imagine some of the things that might have been going through her mind in the days, weeks and months after the accident. Through my personal … Read More

When You Discover You Were Misled

There was a recent article on the Internet about the extreme immoral behavior of Joseph Smith, the Founder of the Mormon Church. I was surprised to discover that the source of the information was the Mormon Church itself! Predictably, many Mormons reacted with anger. Some were defensive and in denial.   I couldn’t help but reflect on my own religious … Read More

Demonstrating Grace

Showing Grace

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