The Mystery of Near-Death Experiences

Megyn Kelly of Fox News recently interviewed John Burke—a pastor in Austin, TX—about his book Imagine Heaven. Burke provides detailed descriptions of the after life from individuals claiming to have been taken there in an intermediate, out-of-body state often referred to as a near-death experience (NDE).   Burke’s in-depth research and observations clearly raise some very legitimate questions.In light of the testimonies …

Marissa BenavidesThe Mystery of Near-Death Experiences

Bill Cosby’s Fall

At one time, Bill Cosby was one of the most admired individuals in the USA.  Now, after numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, people have serious doubts about his character.  He needs our prayers! The truth of the matter is that many of those we admire will eventually disappoint us. Living in a celebrity-oriented culture makes us vulnerable to disillusionment.  And …

Marissa BenavidesBill Cosby’s Fall
God and Bad Directions

Pride vs. Humility

By Gene A. Getz Over the years I’ve met people who have done some very stupid things. They know it, others know it—and yet they won’t admit it. Somehow they believe they can avoid detection by ignoring reality—or making another foolish decision. Sorry! Didn’t mean to get too personal. Actually, I could share a few stories on myself.What I’m illustrating …

dpowersPride vs. Humility