Love and Submission

Pinky Swear Wedding Rings

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″] By Gene A. Getz      I used to do a weekly radio program called “Let’s Talk!” Anyone could call in and “visit the pastor’s study.” One day a distraught young man called me because his wife had just left him. I asked him why? I’ll never forget his response. His wife felt he was too controlling and … Read More

Pride vs. Humility

God and Bad Directions

By Gene A. Getz Over the years I’ve met people who have done some very stupid things. They know it, others know it—and yet they won’t admit it. Somehow they believe they can avoid detection by ignoring reality—or making another foolish decision. Sorry! Didn’t mean to get too personal. Actually, I could share a few stories on myself.What I’m illustrating … Read More