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Dr. Gene Getz’s reputation as a prolific author of Christian books is a matter of record. Also noteworthy is the fact that of the more than sixty books that he has authored, many have been translated into foreign languages. They include, in alphabetical order, the following languages and dialects:

  1. Afrikaansworld wide translations
  2. Albanian
  3. Arabic
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Burmese (Falam-Chin dialect)
  6. Chinese (traditional)
  7. Croatian
  8. Czech
  9. Dutch
  10. Eastern Armenian
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Greek
  14. Hausa
  15. Hindi
  16. Hungarian
  17. Indonesian
  18. Italian
  19. Japanese
  20. Jing-Paw
  21. Kachin
  22. Karen
  23. Korean
  24. Lisu
  25. Nepali
  26. Norwegian
  27. Polish
  28. Portuguese
  29. Romanian
  30. Russian
  31. Slovak
  32. Spanish
  33. Swahili
  34. Thai
  35. Ukranian
  36. Vietnamese

Furthermore, a new Chinese translation of Dr. Getz’s historic, first ever Multimedia Study Bible is scheduled for publishing sometime in 2014. The first edition of the new Chinese version of the Life Essentials Study Bible will include all of the New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs and will utilize modern Chinese script in translating Dr. Getz’s “Principles to Live By” commentary.

Later editions will include the entire Bible together with Dr. Getz’s 500,000 words of commentary and 1500 Principles to Live By, each principle with its own QR code. By including the QR codes, readers will be provided access to more than 250 hours of video teaching by Dr. Getz. Chinese speaking readers of the Life Essentials Study Bible who want to learn English will be able to read God’s word in their own native language while listening to Dr. Getz’s teaching in English.

And to the extent that God makes it possible, Dr. Getz’s dream is to have the Life Essentials Study Bible translated into as many different languages as possible. Truly, Dr. Getz is one of the most translated Christian authors of this generation.

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  1. Greetings,
    My name is Craig Peters. I am the Executive Director of Equip Ministries International. We train pastors and church leaders who have very little if any formal Bible training. We are currently in Guatemala, Moldova, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. I am planning a trip to Guatemala in mid January and would like to bless the pastors with a Life Essential Bible in Spanish. Is this possible? Would someone please contact me to let me know how to order and if the QR code videos are in Spanish as well. I love this Bible. I know if this got into the hands of our pastors overseas this could make a huge impact on them and their churches. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I am searching for a specific Bible.
    Do you know where I may be able to purchase this?

    Thank you,
    Sonya Lambert Massengill

  3. I met Dr. Gene Getz at an Iron Sharpens Iron session in Worcester Massachusetts in 2016. Ever since then Wales Baptist has Been using principles to live for Sunday School and Wednesday night Bible studies.

    You list that books have been translated into Japanese, could you let me know if Principals to Live By is in that group?


    Thank You

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