Building Up One Another

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First published in 1976, now updated and rewritten, Building Up One Another is a classic bestseller in which the author, Dr. Gene Getz, explores twelve significant “one another” commands of the New Testament. It also includes a personal and group study guide.

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Dr. Gene Getz often tells his audiences that as a Christian “You can’t say that you don’t need me. Likewise, I can’t say that I don’t need you.” His book, Building Up One Another, is an easy-to-read book that examines the profound reality of the mutual dependence of each and every human being. The author’s scriptural support centers on the frequent use in the Bible of the phrase “one another” in the context of human interaction—especially among a community of believers.
If you have doubts about your personal worth and value, you need to read this book! It will lift your spirits as you come to recognize more fully the value you have in the eyes of God. More than that, in a practical way, the book describes in great detail what the Golden Rule looks like in real life.