Real Prosperity

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For anyone who has ever been troubled by abusive financial practices by church leaders and the misguided teachings of prosperity theology, Real Prosperity offers a perspective of material possessions that is based upon the proven and timeless principles in the Word of God. It also provides practical solutions to the real-life financial challenges confronting so many people.

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Few people realize or understand that the Bible has more to say about material possessions than almost any other subject. In Real Prosperity, author Dr. Gene Getz, fleshes out in detail the biblical theology of giving—what the Bible says about giving. Thematically arranged, readers of Real Prosperity will discover that the book offers practical solutions to the management of personal wealth and assets that run counter to the misguided teachings of prosperity theology.

The author himself has conformed his life to the principles in his book. As a generous contributor to the church while demonstrating proper concern for the needs of others, including his own family, Gene continues to set a good example of personal stewardship—a good reason to give thoughtful consideration to his teachings in Real Prosperity.