Measure of Healthy Church

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With more than four decades of pastoring, church planting, and seminary teaching, Dr. Gene Getz has seen how the health of a church must be measured by the authenticity of its members and their understanding of who Jesus Christ is.
Measure of a Healthy Church offers solid answers—and solutions—to those who are curious about how their church measures up to God’s standards.

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Perhaps you are a church-goer who has wondered, at one time or another, if your church of choice is the best choice. Or maybe you are a person who is thinking about trying for the first time to test the waters of a particular church or denomination and wondering how it might compare with other possible choices. Or perhaps you are a church leader just wondering “How are we doing”? Unfortunately, such determinations are more often based on subjective feelings or opinions than on objective, rock solid scriptural standards.

For those searching for objective ways of deciding upon a church home or seeking a basis for a qualitative assessment of an existing church home or ministry, The Measure of a Healthy Church offers clear and compelling answers. In his book, long-time pastor, scholar and teacher—the author of more than sixty books—Dr. Gene Getz develops a reliable scriptural framework for identifying and measuring the relative strengths and weaknesses of any church. In a nutshell, The Measure of a Healthy Church is a must-read for pastors, church leaders and laymen who are curious about God’s perspective on the qualitative aspects of local congregations and the collective body of Christians around the world.