God’s Perfect Forgetfulness

The forgiveness of God is central to the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the reality that the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ is credited to us when we trust in Him as our Lord and Savior (Romans 4:23-24).  This means that through faith in Him all of our past, present, and future sins are completely forgiven, and completely forgotten.   If so, … Read More

Why God Loves You

If you were to ask a group of Christians if they believe God loves them, most would have no trouble responding with a resounding “yes!” If you were to ask the same people how God loves them, I believe most would be able to come up with several good examples. However, if you were to ask why God loves them, I believe many would find it … Read More

A Modern-Day Widow’s Mite Story

Several months ago I had the opportunity to speak at a small church near Ft. Worth, Texas.  As I often do, at the conclusion of my sermon I shared the story of how I came to be involved in the seven-year Life Essentials Bible Study project and its impact on people’s lives. Afterwords, we made Bibles available for purchase.   … Read More

Romans 8:28 In Action

About three years ago, Lauren Scruggs, a beautiful young lady—an aspiring model—accidentally walked into the propeller of an airplane. Her devastating injuries resulted in the loss of her left eye and arm. I can only imagine some of the things that might have been going through her mind in the days, weeks and months after the accident. Through my personal … Read More

Will Man Ever Conquer Space Travel?

The recent crash of Virgin Galactic “SpaceShipTwo” which lead to the death of the co-pilot and serious injury to the pilot was a sobering reminder of the perils of man’s attempt at space travel.  In fact, one of our Board members had already made arrangements to be a passenger on one of its early flights.  Now it appears his trip … Read More

Reciprocal Generosity

Charity Checklist

 I remember a time when as a pastor, my wife and I faced a very serious crisis. We were both discouraged. But unknown to us, a couple in the church had planned a surprise dinner for us in one of the finest restaurants in Dallas. When we walked in, we were escorted to a large banquet room where nearly 100 … Read More

Love and Submission

Pinky Swear Wedding Rings

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″] By Gene A. Getz      I used to do a weekly radio program called “Let’s Talk!” Anyone could call in and “visit the pastor’s study.” One day a distraught young man called me because his wife had just left him. I asked him why? I’ll never forget his response. His wife felt he was too controlling and … Read More

Demonstrating Grace

Showing Grace

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Love that Restores


By Dr. Gene Getz Most of us have heard the term “intervention”—and some of the unusual stories that have resulted from this process. One of the most highly publicized involved President Gerald Ford and his wife, Betty. She was an alcoholic—and in total denial—until she faced an “intervention.” This process involved the whole family. One by one they shared their … Read More