Why God Loves You

If you were to ask a group of Christians if they believe God loves them, most would have no trouble responding with a resounding “yes!” If you were to ask the same people how God loves them, I believe most would be able to come up with several good examples. However, if you were to ask why God loves them, I believe many would find it more difficult to answer.


Knowing why is important because it leads to the conclusion that God values us. His total awareness and interest in us, including the number of hairs on our head, are because He created all things with a purpose in mind. In all of creation, human beings are special as illustrated by the following:


1. The uniqueness of every person makes it possible for each person to contribute to God’s Kingdom in ways that no one else can. Similarly, Jesus had a job for which he alone was qualified. In John 5:17 he said—“My Father is still working, and I am working also.” In their perfect, complementary relationship, the Father and Son each had unique and vital roles.


2. Each person has the ability to reveal and magnify God. The Scriptures teach that some people learn to identify with God only because they identify with another person’s example or words.  Being made in the image and likeness of God carries great responsibility toward others as Paul illustrates in the context of marriage:  “For you, wife, how do you know whether you will save your husband?  Or you, husband, how do you know whether you will save your wife”? (1 Corinthians 7:16)


3. Unlike animals, every person has the capacity to worship God—to magnify God’s glory. Remember that God never intended worship to be an afterthought. From the beginning it was an essential part of God’s purpose and design—in fact, Jesus said if necessary, God would raise up stones to perform this vital function (Luke 19:40). Thankfully, He has chosen us. What a privilege!


The greatest proof of God’s love and interest in mankind is Christ’s death on the cross. The next is His guarantee to His followers of salvation:


No matter the circumstances of life, we are to take comfort in the fact that we are secure in Christ, now and eternally…From God’s point of view, we are not only “justified” but “also glorified”  from an eternal perspective, we are already seated with Christ in the heavens Paul believed that when he arrived in heaven, everything that happened to him—including evil actions—would be for his good and the good of the gospel

Principle #16, p. 1546 in Romans


For any who might be struggling with low self-esteem, I hope you will find strength and comfort in these words.  And we should remember to always give God complete credit for anything of value that comes from our lives.


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