Technology and the Great Commission

The recent article “These Six Technologies had a Transformative Year” (December 28, Dallas Morning News) made me wonder how these technological advances will enable our ministry to reach people around the world more effectively. Of special interest in the article were the following points:


  • As of 2015, India has more Internet users than the U.S and China has twice as many.
  • By 2020 there will be another 3 billion people online. Never before has all of humanity been connected in this way.
  • Soon, everyone, everywhere, will have access to the ocean of knowledge on the Internet. Workers in the remotest villages of Africa will be able to offer digital services to the elite in Silicon Valley. Farmers will be able to learn how to improve crop yields; artisans will gain access to global markets; and economies based on Smartphone apps will flourish everywhere.

Predictably, the article emphasized the earthly and physical benefits from the current trend in technology. More important to us, however, is its relevance to our efforts – the spiritual – to reach people with the Gospel. After all, we know that the greatest need people have is for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  That relationship and saving faith are only possible with knowledge of God from His Word: “So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about Christ (Romans 10:17).


It’s both a joy and sobering responsibility to realize that God has given our ministry a special opportunity to lead people to Christ and help them grow spiritually. The dramatic spread and use of Smartphones and similar devices now makes it possible for countless people around the world to access my videos via the QR codes. Furthermore, as we strive to reach others with His Word we are fulfilling the responsibility God has given us as expressed in Principle #19 in Romans, p. 1549 in my Life Essentials Study BibleWe are to faithfully share with all people that they are responsible to respond to God’s mercy and grace.


Let’s remember to regularly thank God that we are living during an era of exciting, new ways of serving Him!  And thank you for supporting us with your priceless prayers and generous gifts.



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