Life Essentials Study Bible Testimonials and Endorsements


Church and Ministry Leaders

“You have developed the 3-lens thinking in a dynamic way and with the latest communication tools.  This is the kind of resource we need to live unchanging truth in an ever-changing context of ministry.  Thank you.”

John French, Site Director, Weber School at Grace College


“There are many Bibles available for study, and I own and use a number of versions.  The one I refer to most since its publication is the Life Essentials Study Bible from Gene Getz….It contains 1500 life principles…These principles are cogent and practical for learning and for daily use.  One of the best aspects of the principles in my estimation is the way Gene draws parallels between teaching found in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.  This aspect of the Life Essentials Study Bible makes it easy for the reader to see the connectedness of God’s Word between the sections and among the books throughout the entire corpus of Scripture.”

Michael T. Dailey, Ministry Coordinator, Isaiah Six Ministries International


“We are starting a Men’s Life Principal Bible study based on the new Life Essentials Bible.  Excited about seeing the response from the men at our church.”

Terry L. Anderson, Fairmont, MN


“One of our men came up to me this past Sunday and expressed his appreciation for having you minister to SC.  He said that he bought a Life Essentials Bible for his senior recently widowed mother.  Her English is OK but she has a tough time with it while longing to be in the Word.  She is thrilled with her new LE Bible and the QR codes.  PTL!  Your diligent work is paying off.”

Bruce W. Fong, PhD., English Lead Pastor, Sunset Church, San Francisco, CA


“While in Dallas…Dr. Getz presented us with a copy of the Life Essentials Study Bible.  This is a fantastic resource that can be used for personal and group Bible study, preparing sermons and counseling people struggling with problems.”

John and Judy Breneman, Missionaries in Sweden



“Thanks so much for…your new Life Essentials Study Bible.  It’s a very unique edition with the ‘QR’ codes linking to your video lessons on the principles.  What a great way of using new methods and technology to teach lessons from God’s word!”


Dr. James Dobson, Founder and President, familytalk



“Thank you for sharing with Beth a copy of your new study Bible.  What an interesting impact technology has had on all our lives in recent years!  Beth was fascinated by what information and resources can be shared through the QR codes throughout this new work.”


Kimberly McMahon, Assistant to Beth Moore, Living Proof Ministries



“Thank you SO MUCH for the Bible!  It is absolutely incredible.  I am confident that this will become my favorite yet.  I have already begun to use it here with our study of Esther this summer.  It has been very helpful!  I am going to share it with our staff next week and encourage them to look it up.  The multimedia dimension is fantastic.”


Doug Goodwin, Camp Director, Kamp Kanakuk, K-Kaua’i



“The Life Essentials Study Bible not only provides excellent background information, but it distinguishes itself with its many practical application features.  The use of a Quick Response code also makes it especially unique.”


Dr. Bill Counts, Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship Bible Church Dallas



“…the Life Essentials Bible….It’s a multimedia Bible that presents 1500 Biblical principles from Genesis to Revelation in a most helpful and application oriented format…the real value…is its helpfulness in presenting foundational Biblical principles in a very clear, understandable and practical fashion.  The bottom line is its contribution to encouraging and enabling individual discipleship….”


John Isch, Elder, Apostolic Christian Church



“One of the factors I really like about your study Bible is the focus on application with principles that transcend culture.”


Steve R. Ringger, Elder, Apostolic Christian Church



“Wow—is the best word to express my thoughts having received a copy of your Bible.  I’m taken back by the enormity of the project…how rich and deep the teaching resource is for seasoned students of the Bible, as well as simple and relevant for seekers….”


Thomas A. Shaw, Ed.D, Vice President of Student Services, Moody Bible Institute



“I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you did on the “Life Essentials Study Bible….Nancy & I use this as a devotional tool every morning and have gone through about 1300 of the 1500 videos so far.”


Phil Winkler, Pastor, Hawaii



“I took the Bible with me on a cruise my husband and I took to the Mediterranean.  One day I left the book opened to Ephesians for we had just toured the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey.  Our room housekeeper, Sojna, saw that I had the book open and read some of it.  She told me she had done so and I told her no problem and to read it anytime.  She is from New Delhi, India and really found Gene Getz’s book so easy to read and understand…me too.”


Susanne McAlister, Full Circle



“This past fall, a new Bible came out (put together by Gene Getz) that we recommend to everyone!  It is called the Life Essentials Study Bible.


Cheryl Scruggs, Caring Bridge



“Gene Getz’s Life Essentials Study Bible is a great addition to the library of a serious student of the Bible.  Imagine having his 1,500 online lectures easily accessible to you by scanning the QR code in the portion you are reading.”


Steve Douglass, Campus Crusade for Christ



“Once I purchased a copy, I immediately loved “today’s language” found in the Holman Christian Standard Bible version and of course, the commentary/study notes….Dr. Getz has an uncanny ability to clearly explain God’s Word in such a way that provides very practical and easy to understand applications.”


Tim Chastain, Associate Director, Master’s Men Ministry



“The students in my leadership for ministry class are so grateful to have your book in Spanish.  I have been using your Life Essentials Bible and enjoying it a lot too”!





“Heart-felt congratulations…on a Christian publishing breakthrough that just may prove to be as revolutionary as the Gutenberg press.”


June Hunt, Hope for the Heart



“I just wanted to start by saying THANK YOU for the Life Essentials Bible!  I think I’ve sold about 20 of them for the Kingdom because everyone I show mine to asks where they can purchase one.  My twelve year old daughter and I are going through it together this year…”


John Hardison, Instructor in homiletics, Pastor, Denton Bible Church




“My young son Dion is just starting to preach and is using his copy of the Bible and Jabin is also using his to preach with & is currently in India teaching…”


John Mills



“I was amazed to see how well-accepted this Bible is by younger families….”


Sergey Rakhuba, President, Russian Ministries



“When I completed a ten-week course at Trinity Christian Academy for 25 young fathers in November 2012, they rewarded me with an autographed copy of your Life Essentials Study Bible.   Boy, was I in for a blessing….Little did I know how impactful this would be for me….While I have several reference books, your material is now my primary source for developing my lessons….The fathers gave me a gift of a lifetime.  All because you used a part of yours to engage in such a magnificent work.”


Bill C. Dotson, Founder/President, Abiding Fathers





“Your new Bible is gorgeous, but even more impressive is the lifetime of value you lived into it.”


“Owning a copy of this astounding project containing the prodigious work and wisdom of my friend and mentor Gene Getz, will be like having him in the next room—available to advise me on every passage.  Being able to access his video teaching on each of the 1500 “Principles to Live By” is a breakthrough approach, making this truly the first Multi-Media Study Bible.  What a treasure!  I know it will inform my own writing.”


Jerry B. Jenkins, Author “Left Behind”, Owner, Christian Writers Guild




“The Bible is a fantastic resource….I love the Principles to Live By with the QR codes and Reflection and Responses.  I watched some of the videos and found them to be so helpful.  This will be a great tool for me personally as I prepare to teach my Bible studies….I think this is a tremendous resource for anyone who desires to know and apply God’s word.”


Karol Ladd, Author, Teacher



“As I have begun to read your Bible I have found a new and fresh revival stirring within me.  What I love the most within these principles is the reproofing of each principle through other scriptures which lead to other principles and other scriptures.  It is like a road map that takes me from one place to the other—and I can either keep traveling or I can go back home and find a different road to explore.  How exciting is that”?


Nola Katherine Trewin, Author



“I have used it and…like it.  Have probably called up 8 of the QR code links.  Great stuff.”


Randy Alcorn, Author





“In order to live in obedience to the Word, people must understand its principles and be able to relate their truth to their lives.  Dr. Gene Getz has provided a wonderful resource to the global church in his ‘Principles to Live By’ Bible.  1500 transcultural principles, borne out of a lifetime of studying and teaching the Bible, are embedded in the text, enabling each teacher and reader to powerfully grapple with the practical implications of God’s divine truth….May this work lead to more lives challenged and changed by God’s inerrant Word.”


J. Paul Nyquist, PhD, President, Moody Bible Institute



“I have spot-checked some places in the Life Essentials Study Bible and I was pleased with the practical clarity that I saw in the notes.”


Wayne Grudem, PhD, Educator, Author



“I took some time last night to read quite a number of the insights you record in the “Principles to Live By” sections and I have to tell you two things.  First, the principles are fresh, timely and not stuck in the previous century.  And second, they reflect your many years of deep reflection on God’s Word and close walk with the Savior.”


Woodrow Kroll, Founder, Back to the Bible



“The new Life Essentials Study Bible is a totally unique Study Bible, for it helps all of us become more effective in the business of applying the truths of God to everyday life.  All too often this is the part of Bible Study that exhibits the greatest weakness.  So I heartily commend your study and use of this wonderful tool for the Christian walk and life.”


Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



“I am grateful for the special Life Essentials Study Bible.  I shared the QR application with my 13 year old son tonight, and he was fascinated….I will treasure your personalized Bible as a key to my discipleship.”


J. Blair Blackburn, Ed.D, Executive Vice President, Dallas Baptist University



“Besides containing the best of Dr. Getz’s lifetime of teaching, counseling, preaching and writing, the Life Essentials Study Bible is completely interactive.

Along with each principle, you will find a QR code you can scan with your smart phone or other device and hear Dr. Getz teach, “live and in person,” on how to apply that principle!  That’s more than 1500 video sessions—cutting-edge technology bringing you timeless truths in a very relevant way.”


Mark L. Bailey, PhD., President, Dallas Theological Seminary





“I have been in radio 11 years and have come to realize that an interview with someone I greatly respect and admire can sometimes end in great disappointment.  Too often it becomes clear in the conversation that the person I am talking with does not really have a heart for ministry but is merely a product of a good imaging team.


Gene was that rare and wonderful exception.  The ‘real’ Gene is as warm, genuine and gracious as the Renewal Host that listeners have grown to love.


Thank you…for being a blessing to us today.  It was an honor and privilege to share the mic with such a talented brother.”


Edie Schmidt (Chris & Edie show), Cornerstone Broadcasting, Florida




“You’ve probably long forgotten about me, but you have been ever-present in my mind.  I move your Bible from desk to home and back again almost daily.  I LOVE THIS BIBLE!  It gives me more direction and clarity of thought than I’ve ever had before.”


Karen L. Willoughby, Managing Editor, Louisiana Baptist Message



“Thanks so much for the Study Bible—it is a blessing and very well done”!


Mike Huckabee



“The Bible is great!  I love looking for principles, so this Bible is just what I was needing.”


Kevin Miller, iDisciple



“I found the Life Essentials Study Bible to be exactly what I was needing in many areas of my ministry.  Once I opened it and began to use the tools I found myself spending hours enjoying the teachings of Dr. Getz, as well as immersing myself into the Scripture.  The Principles that are intertwined in the Bible give an immediate help in personal study, and have also given me a great ministry tool to use in my teaching as well.  The ease of access and the ability to find a teaching help quickly have opened up my personal study and helped me to draw closer to the Lord.”


Phillip Greene, Station Manager, WECR AM, North Carolina


“I was listening to TheDove this morning and heard Dr. Getz talking about the Life Principles Bible.  The insight that he and Perry talked about on how to pray for our national leaders was the most helpful thing I have ever heard, in my 40 years as a Christian, on how to pray and what to pray for our national leaders….THANK YOU!!!”


Jerry Johnson, Rogue River, OR



“When I got the Life Essentials Study Bible that you sent me, it blew me away…I wasn’t expecting much but the Bible far exceeded my expectations….We have been sharing the Bible in the office and trying out the QR codes.”


Gavin Stone, General Manager, KLGO, Austin, TX



“It’s become my ‘go-to’ Study Bible.  The translation is fresh, yet faithful word-for-word.  The written Life Principles greatly enhance my own Bible study and teaching, and the video teaching available through the QR codes keeps me studying God’s Word longer!  What a gift to today’s multimedia generation!”


Mark Daniels, Programming/Marketing Manager, Talk Show Host, WFIL, Philadelphia


















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