Where the Logic of Abortion Fails

The subject of abortion has recently surfaced in a dramatic way through revelations about possible criminal activity at Planned Parenthood involving the sale of human body parts. Aside from the allegations of unethical and illegal practices at PP, the Scriptures make it clear that human life begins at conception. Principle #3 in Luke, p. 1379 makes my position in this regard clear:


Both Elizabeth’s and Mary’s pregnancies demonstrate dramatically that life begins at conception. Reflect carefully on what happened when Mary greeted Elizabeth. John, who was just entering his sixth month in the womb, recognized the presence and the divine identity of Jesus in Mary’s womb just a few days after He had been conceived.


Of course, many people who advocate for “pro-choice” have no idea what the Word of God has to say on this subject. Furthermore, there is no consensus in the pro-choice community about when human life actually begins. Opinions range from varying numbers of weeks to the time the baby completely emerges from the body of the mother.


Unfortunately, those who support abortion are usually reluctant to acknowledge that their opinions about when human life begins are based entirely on speculation as evidenced by their lack of consensus. This means that they are willing to risk the sin of murder to support an ideology based entirely on guesswork. The only logical alternative to the confusion surrounding estimates of when human life begins is to accept the fact that from the time of conception, all the DNA necessary for human life is present.


Consistent with this conclusion are the teachings of the Bible. In my Life Essentials Study Bible, Principle #8, page 659 in the book of Job reads:  We must never allow ourselves to accept the evil notion that life begins at birth rather than at conception


The Reflection and Response question that follows asks, “Why do intelligent people—even some medical doctors—ignore the evidence today that life begins at conception and that abortion is taking an innocent life?


The answer is a sad commentary on human nature. It is symptomatic of living in a fallen world where individuals often allow passion and emotion to cloud their judgment. There are also those who simply refuse to consider and weigh the evidence. In the words of one wise observer, “There are none so blind as those that refuse to look.”


In light of these current realities, what should Christians do? First, I believe that it is important to be well informed on this important, timely subject and help elect officials who are willing to protect the innocent lives of the unborn. We should also strive to be patient and understanding with those struggling with difficult decisions regarding birth and pregnancy.

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