The Mystery of Near-Death Experiences

Megyn Kelly of Fox News recently interviewed John Burke—a pastor in Austin, TX—about his book Imagine Heaven. Burke provides detailed descriptions of the after life from individuals claiming to have been taken there in an intermediate, out-of-body state often referred to as a near-death experience (NDE).   Burke’s in-depth research and observations clearly raise some very legitimate questions.In light of the testimonies … Read More

Should Christians Participate in Halloween?

Perhaps no other day in our culture raises more questions among Christians than Halloween. Reasons for this include the fact that the meaning of it might not be as clear as some of the other holidays that are part of our culture.   For some, the first mental challenge in dealing with Halloween is its symbols and themes of evil, … Read More

Jumping to Conclusions

Two recent examples highlight the importance of reserving judgment about others. Dianne Hoffmeyer recently shared her experience on the Internet of going to a coffee shop in Fort Gratiot, Michigan where she was ridiculed by two women about the looks of her hair and her weight. Apparently, neither of the women realized until after Dianne left the shop that she … Read More

Why Big Government?

Why has our government gotten so large and intrusive? There are certainly various causes—but let me share one reason that seems very verifiable. It relates to the breakdown of the family.   Consider first of all the number of children that have been born out of wedlock and the number of women left to fend for themselves and their children. … Read More

What We Should Learn from Seasons

As I look out my office window I see that change is in the air. It is already becoming cooler and a few leaves are starting to turn colors. It reminds me that seasons are part of God’s design—something we often take for granted by overlooking God’s spiritual purpose for the seasons. Solomon wrote “There is an occasion for everything, … Read More

Crossing the line from Admiration to Worship One of the most interesting aspects of the recent visit to the United States by Pope Francis was how people responded. It’s clear that he has his critics. Nevertheless, it’s obvious he’s also one of the most popular Popes in recent memory—a man with true celebrity status—a man often described as a very … Read More

God’s Perfect Forgetfulness

The forgiveness of God is central to the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the reality that the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ is credited to us when we trust in Him as our Lord and Savior (Romans 4:23-24).  This means that through faith in Him all of our past, present, and future sins are completely forgiven, and completely forgotten.   If so, … Read More

The Foundation of Every Blessing

In a recent interview on Fox News Sunday Kelly Shackelford—Founder and President of Liberty Institute and friend of our ministry—made the point that the elimination of slavery and the blessing of our anti-discrimination laws both have their origins in Christian efforts. Likewise, major advances in our history and culture such as our independence from English oppression, the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and the abolition … Read More

Economic Lessons from Ancient Israel

Leviticus chapter 25 describes the Jubilee Year celebration of ancient Israel.  This important event occurred only once, every fiftieth year. During the Jubilee year all private debts were forgiven. Additionally, land that had previously been sold was returned to the original owners!   Imagine the tremendous relief of those citizens of ancient Israel who were released from the burden and … Read More

Where the Logic of Abortion Fails

The subject of abortion has recently surfaced in a dramatic way through revelations about possible criminal activity at Planned Parenthood involving the sale of human body parts. Aside from the allegations of unethical and illegal practices at PP, the Scriptures make it clear that human life begins at conception. Principle #3 in Luke, p. 1379 makes my position in this … Read More