Why God Loves You

If you were to ask a group of Christians if they believe God loves them, most would have no trouble responding with a resounding “yes!” If you were to ask the same people how God loves them, I believe most would be able to come up with several good examples. However, if you were to ask why God loves them, I believe many would find it … Read More

Are We Alone In the Universe?

Scientists today often assume that in a universe filled with countless stars and galaxies, conditions capable of supporting intelligent life surely must exist elsewhere in the universe. To think otherwise, they say, is egotistical!   But I believe it’s also reasonable—and humbling—to conclude that intelligent life does not exist anywhere else. A major reason is that the probability of the … Read More

Two Lessons from the Crisis in Greece

Greece’s predominantly Socialist policies have brought the country to the brink of disaster. For years there were major warning signs of impending crisis. Those who sounded the alarm were largely ignored. Citizens continued to insist on retiring at age 61 with generous government-funded pensions. The work ethic in Greece is questionable at the least!   There are at least two … Read More

After Gay Marriage, What’s Next?

I believe the decision by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage—in essence, re-defining marriage—opens the door to many other abuses.  Using the Supreme Court’s own reasoning, on what basis can we now deny those who prefer bigamy or polygamy an opportunity to legally cement those relationships?  Beyond that, is there any clear stopping point?  Our own government has opened … Read More

The Power of Bondage

In John 5:6 Jesus asked a man who had been an invalid for 38 years if he wanted to be healed. Some people might find His question difficult to understand. It seems logical that the invalid would want to be healed. However, in asking the question, Jesus demonstrated His understanding of human nature. He understood that some people actually find … Read More

Why Even Atheists Care about Life

Anyone traveling to Europe, as I recently did, will see many impressive churches and cathedrals dotting the landscape. Unfortunately, except for tourists, they are largely empty historic reminders of a bygone Christian era.   Many social scientists believe that the USA is not far behind. A number of recently published studies by organizations such as the Pew Research Institute indicate … Read More

Understanding What is Important

In his best-selling book, The Things That Matter, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer discusses the difference between how much information people have and what kind of information they have. His main point is that what we know is more important than how much.   Though Krauthammer would seriously disagree with my biblical presuppositions, his comment is important. Today, many people’s lives are … Read More

Our Daily Bread

We know from the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew Chapter 6 that God wants us to recognize Him on a daily basis as the source of our physical sustenance—“Give us this day our daily bread.” Today there are millions who are living in food survival mode. They can easily identify with Jesus’ statement. In contrast, it’s harder for those of us … Read More

Are You Willing to Adjust Your Spiritual Strategy?

On April 18, 1775—240 years ago—Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride alerting the Revolutionary forces in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts to the imminent arrival of the British army. During that time the practice was for military battles to be fought “Napoleonic” style where opposing forces would try to overwhelm each other with firepower and a cavalry attack out in … Read More

The Blessing of a Long Life

In his book, Future Shock (1970), Alvin Toffler described some of the psychological challenges in trying to adjust to the rapid pace of change in our society. Most of us can relate to the impact on people’s lives simply from our Smartphones. Older technology such as typewriters, maps, encyclopedias, fax machines, adding machines, cameras, alarm clocks, cassette tapes, VCR’s, CD’s, … Read More