Understanding What is Important

In his best-selling book, The Things That Matter, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer discusses the difference between how much information people have and what kind of information they have. His main point is that what we know is more important than how much.


Though Krauthammer would seriously disagree with my biblical presuppositions, his comment is important. Today, many people’s lives are like an extended game of Trivial Pursuit. They base their lives on information that is largely irrelevant to “the things that matter”—in spite of easy access to important information!


Because of the ease of accessing information today we have fewer excuses than earlier generations to remain ignorant than earlier generations.  Unfortunately, too many of us seem to lack the intellectual curiosity and character to pursue the kind of knowledge that can help us live more effectively.


Understand that this is not just a problem in our modern era. The apostle Peter referred to some in the ancient world as being willingly ignorant (2 Peter 3:5).


Unless God intervenes, the shallow intellectual and spiritual pursuits that are so much a part of modern life will keep us in spiritual darkness. Even from a physical and temporal perspective, we will find it more difficult to “connect the dots” in order to arrive at sound conclusions. In politics, they are sometimes referred to as “low information voters.”


Daniel prophesied that in “the time of the end” “knowledge will increase” (Daniel 12:4). That is certainly the case today!  Then in verse 10 he adds that “none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.”  It appears that those referred to as wise come to know what is really important.


No matter where we are in the entire spectrum of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, we can all improve.  As Principle #5, p. 1761 in my Life Essentials Study Bible states: Regardless of our level of maturity, as Christians, we should continually evaluate the extent to which we are walking in the light rather than in darkness.

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