The amazing story of the Life Essentials Study Bible continues to unfold.

This time in the heart of Africa. Many years ago now, I had the privilege of serving as pastor to a young couple and their two young daughters. They attended the first Fellowship Bible Church I started in Dallas. Ken was in the building business with his dad, Bob. Years passed! Eventually his father entered heaven’s gates and Ken took … Read More

Understanding What is Important

In his best-selling book, The Things That Matter, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer discusses the difference between how much information people have and what kind of information they have. His main point is that what we know is more important than how much.   Though Krauthammer would seriously disagree with my biblical presuppositions, his comment is important. Today, many people’s lives are … Read More

Are You Willing to Adjust Your Spiritual Strategy?

On April 18, 1775—240 years ago—Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride alerting the Revolutionary forces in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts to the imminent arrival of the British army. During that time the practice was for military battles to be fought “Napoleonic” style where opposing forces would try to overwhelm each other with firepower and a cavalry attack out in … Read More